Why Ubiscore

It's critical to ensure customers know what their data is being used for and how it is protected.

The origins of

origins of Ubiscore

Ubiscore was born in a world of increasing data breaches and intransparency on how data is handled by companies. Our platform focuses primarily on helping companies make better decisions when it comes to handling their data, while also helping them comply with regulations.

The founders were involved in hundreds of such projects and often saw similar patterns: manual and often non-standardized assessments driven by human knowledge and – at the same time – failure.
Relying on human knowledge is expensive, time-consuming, and prone to error. It also doesn’t support your company’s culture of innovation and growth because it doesn’t scale well. Consultants or lawyers from two different firms will produce different results for the same company when assessing its data protection maturity, and missing standards or frameworks can be a huge issue.

Luckily, Ubiscore provides three easy to read score ranges that offer a dynamic yet measurable understanding of privacy maturity: Basic / Intermediate / Exceptional. In just minutes, companies can get a unique, custom-tailored score to help them understand and improve their privacy

Our Mission

To provide an independent guarantee of privacy protection, similar to a credit or food label.

The idea is simple: if you want to work with companies and organizations, you should be able to trust that they’re using your personal information responsibly. 
We make it easy to identify companies that protect your privacy and give you real reassurance that they’ve got your back.

Our Vision

To have the Ubiscore label become the standard for trust in an organization.

Many companies claim that they handle sensitive information with care, but the Ubiscore badge can be a way for companies to show you that they protect your privacy rather than just telling you they do. 
Our certificate will be a mark of quality that indicates you can legitimately trust the organization to keep your personal data safe.

are the Founders?

Alex and Frank met when working on a cybersecurity project for a travel HRS’s startup and Siemens.

Frank Trautwein

Founder & CEO

Frank has always been heavily involved in privacy and information security – long before GDPR & CCPA. He audited many famous companies or their customers, e.g. Microsoft, Facebook, Zalando.

Alex and Frank met when working on a cybersecurity project for a travel HRS’s startup and Siemens.

Alex Di Mango

Founder & CTO

Alex acted as a bridge between business and tech and for the past 10 years. He helped to support SaaS founders with tech strategies and visions daily building companies in the USA, UK and Germany.