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Mastory is an online platform that engages students in math through interactive story games. Their approach makes mathematical concepts more engaging and easier for students to grasp. They offer a series of success episodes that are crafted to captivate students' attention while demonstrating how mathematical skills can be utilized to conquer real-life challenges. Mastory also offers a teacher's dashboard and partners with districts to relieve the burden on everyone involved and achieve better results. Mastory was founded in 2020 by a German-Hungarian team and is currently supported by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation as the only non-US grantee of the Balance the Equation Grand Challenge.


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          Ubiscore evaluates an organization's compliance with privacy laws by collecting independent data through indicators based on publicly available information.
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          What does it mean to be certified by Ubiscore?

          The Ubiscore program awards a privacy badge to organizations that participate and demonstrate a strong commitment to safeguarding customer privacy. This is achieved through regular and independent privacy monitoring, along with providing the necessary evidence. The privacy monitoring and scoring system is built upon four key pillars:


          Ubiscore provides independent privacy assessments for every organization. The results cannot be manipulated and can only be improved by mitigating privacy risks.


          Each assessment is based on publicly available data and technical indicators related to privacy. Ubiscore’s scoring model is data-driven and objective.


          How data is handled and protected should not be hidden in reports or privacy policies. Ubiscore's results are clear and fully transparent.


          Ubiscore makes privacy a sales driver that incentivizes organizations to be better than their peers.